We are a team of product managers, graphic designers, illustrators and artists that collaborate closely with our clients to bring to life their craziest ideas.  Branding experts and consulting advisors complete the team, so we can cover the wide scope of all activities involved in developing a toy since the beginning until it hits the market. 


1. Toy Design

Giving birth to a toy is something we are always proud of. We don’t have words to describe the feeling. After weeks of illustrating the characters, defining the style guide for conveying the toy’s personality, rendering, prototyping…

A long process that pays off when you see your baby in a store or in the kid’s hands with a huge smile!



Concept art creation

3D Modeling


2. Branding

We love brands as much as we love toys. We truly believe that the brand is the soul of the toy and that’s why we don’t stop working until voilà! a consistent and distinctive visual style and graphic language for each toy is created. 

Our branding experts will be by your side to analyze the design process and the different marketing assets that the toy brand would need to hit the market accordingly. 

Brand Identity and Logo Creation

Brand Consultancy: Brand Dissection and Analysis, Name Briefing and Register Search

Marketing Assets: Audiovisual Production, POS & Commercial Spaces, Sell Sheets.

3. Packaging & Graphic Design

Catching the consumer’s eye is not an easy task but… we are here to find the perfect balance of efficiency and innovation that your product needs to stand out!

We are experts in developing packaging, display and promotional print materials aligned with your toy brand. Our high-quality renders give you a close look of how the project will look in reality. Are you ready to impress your clients? 


Concept art and layouts


3D Modeling

Ready to print Artworks

4. App Development

Technology is now part of our daily lives; we believe that using it the right way at each age it can have a positive influence in the kids’ education and development. We specialize in APP development that will connect kids with technology in a responsible way.

We also specialize in developing apps for your brands and toys that will make your product stand out. Nowadays and APP is more important than a Website to engage end consumers!

5. Motion Graphics & Webpisodes

 We’d love to help you telling your story in a unique way!  We focus on visual effects and 2D/3D animation giving you outstanding results for your project content.

6. International sales agency

We have a wide sales agents team around the world to help you increase your sales anywhere! Do you want to launch your product in a specific territory? We have the assets and the knowledge to position your product at minimum cost. Don’t waste time and resources in market research, building a network, traveling… Give us a call and we’ll give you THE solution. No excuse! 

7. Consulting

Sometimes you just need some advice. If you like us, here you have a great team of speakers!

We love to share our knowledge to assist you with any difficulty you might have within the process. We are here to help! 

Virtual Showroom & Physical Showroom development

Design Communication and Project Management

International Toy Trade Fairs

Sourcing & Manufacturing

International Consultancy & Subsidiary Establishment

8. Licensing Approval Process

We have an extensive experience in negotiation, development and approval processes with global licensing partners: Disney, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, Universal Studios, Hasbro, Viacom among others.

9. Sourcing Manufacturing and quality Assessments 

We have been involved in toy sourcing and manufacturing for 25 years and know what it takes to find the right manufacturing partner.

Our team will guide you throughout the supply chain stages ensuring the minimal risk, which will translate in big saving for your company. Safety is a must attribute to any toy, so we make sure that you will pass all the required standards before going into manufacturing.

Sourcing and cost analysis

Manufacturer selection

Production Management

Some of our Happy Clients


Dad’s Choice Awards 2018

Idependent Toy Awards 2018 Silver Medal

Idependent Toy Awards 2019 Silver Medal

Idependent Toy Awards 2020 Gold Medal

Idependent Toy Awards 2020 Commendation

Hot Diggity Awards 2020 Seal of Approval

The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval 2020

Mom’s Choice Awards 2020

South Summit 2016: Best Edtech Startup Worldwide

AppKids best 10 Apps for children Spain nominee

Apple App Store Spain: Best apps and videogames nominee


This project was born to share our ideas with others. It’s alive because we put love in every client’s idea.

It’s up to you to choose the right team. 

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