Glowies play lullabies and relaxing sounds, which can be set to a timer, and feature a night light to give toddlers and added sense of security at bedtime. Super soft glow-in-the-dark and lullaby feature plus. Also includes fading LED and Glow in dark eyes. Packed in an amazing reusable jar style with a carry handle and detailed glitter cap. It features lullabies and relaxing sounds with a selection of 15 and 30-minute options. A beautiful upgrade to a classic and stable category. The glow in the dark allows keeping a low light ambient in the room. These magical creatures will make bedtime fun!

Services: Brand consultancy, Graphic design, Illustration and 3D, Prototype, Engineering, Demo Video and TV Commercial.

Client: Eolo

Year: 2022

Brand & Toy Design

Packaging & Display Design

Demo Video

TV Commercial

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